Preferred Final Expense Whole Life Insurance
Reap the Rewards of a Healthy Lifestyle With Finial expense  Whole Life*

Many of today’s seniors enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. If you’re in good
health, you may qualify for a  Preferred Whole Life policy featuring lower,
preferred premium rates.

Preferred Whole Life gives you immediate, cost effective protection,
valuable living benefits and important guarantees. In addition, you can have
the peace of mind of knowing that you have taken steps to ensure that your
final expense needs will not create an additional financial hardship for your
loved ones.

Immediate Protection

You select the amount of coverage that fits your needs – up to $30,000,
regardless of age.
Preferred rates for healthy seniors.
A guaranteed, level death benefit creates an immediate estate.
No waiting period once your policy is issued – benefits begin immediately.
Valuable Living Benefits
Your  Whole Life policy builds increasing cash values to meet
emergencies, to provide gifts to family members or to meet other financial
needs. In addition, two policy riders are automatically included in your
policy, giving you added protection at no additional cost. ·

Your policy can never be canceled, regardless of your age or health.
Death benefits pass income tax free to your named beneficiary.
If you do not qualify for preferred rates because of health, our Standard
Senior Security Whole Life policy may be available. (Policy underwriting is
required to determine eligibility.)
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